What you will learn

Excellent training - hands-on, clear and thought provoking

Cindy Golds (Intervention and Data Manager), Steyning Grammar School


Analyse School Performance Training and Consultancy Course

This KS5 IDSR Course has been specifically designed to take into account the significant changes which will be seen in the 2019 Post 16 data releases and accountability measures containing 2018 data.

What you will learn

• How to interpret and analyse your Post 16 Inspection Data Summary Report
• How to identify gaps and trends
• How to evaluate pupil, group, subject and school performance
• How to understand the new performance measures for Post 16
• How to interpret, analyse and use the Level 3 Value Added Ready Reckoner for target setting
• How to understand the Ofsted Post 16 framework

Course Summary

The course looks at the new KS5 Inspection Data Summary Report and offers delegates the opportunity to fully and thoroughly analyse their own data. This element of the course will focus on overall progress alongside performance at a subject level and a thorough, contextual overview of your students providing a clear basis for subsequent evaluation. During the course, we will also examine any possible gender gaps, progress according to prior attainment the analysis of performance of students by pupil characteristics. The workbook which accompanies the course lets you instantly compare your students’ performance to national figures, allowing you to identify positive trends and areas for further investigation.

In addition to the Inspection Data Summary Report overview, we look at key national statistics from the 2018 results. The course fully explains the new performance measures at Post 16 and offers guidance on how to amend your tracking and monitoring to reflect this. We also scrutinise the various ways that subject transition matrices can be used to optimise student outcomes before taking a detailed look at the Level 3 Value Added Ready Reckoner and how it can be used for target setting. The course closes with an examination of the latest Ofsted Post 16 framework, with ideas on how to address the key issues for inspection through rigorous self-evaluation.

This Key Stage 5 course was very helpful for Heads of Sixth Form trying to understand the new Data Dashboards. These documents are vital to effective preparation for Ofsted and, as such, this course would be a must for all Heads of Sixth Form who are not yet competent in this new version of performance measures. Very helpful indeed!

John Player (Head of Sixth Form), Ormiston Rivers Academy


Agenda - Full Day KS5 Inspection Data Summary Report Course

Full Day Session (9:00 am - 3:30 pm)

The latest Post 16 Performance Measures

• Fully updated including Level 2 results
• Future developments – be prepared!

Key trends from the 2018 results

• The impact of de-coupled AS and A2 exams
• National trends – where does your school or college stand?

The New Post 16 Inspection Data Summary Report

• Understanding your strengths
• Identifying your areas for development
• Interpretation and Analysis of your Inspection Data Summary Report

Level 3 Transition Matrices and the Post 16 Ready Reckoner

• The differences between subjects
• Effective IAG for improved engagement and outcomes
• Target setting to secure positive progress

Ofsted and Post 16

• The Post 16 framework
• Updates from Ofsted
• Dynamic action planning


WHY is analysing your data so important?

This ASP training course will provide you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to calculate your own pupil/subject/school Progress and Attainment quickly and easily.

You will be provided with expert guidance and support which will provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively interpret and analyse your data.

You will be provided with access to our e-resources, which will enable you easy access to key documents which is updated and added to on a regular basis.

Throughout the training session, you will complete a full analysis of your Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR). Delegates will have the opportunity to use the materials provided to put together the data using the Analysis and Interpretation booklet provided summarising key information relevant for sharing with school stakeholders and OFSTED. Delegates will have the opportunity to create intuitive next step action plans which can be put forward for your school improvement planning.

This course combines interactive guidance and support on: accessing, interpreting and analysing data with focus on the IDSR; the Level 3 ready Reckoner; New Performance Measures; Ofsted Post 16 Framework; next step actions.

OFSTED will look for patterns and evidence around the following areas::

• Do leaders promote high expectations and use rigorous systems to drive improvement and achievement of learners and groups of learners?
• Are study programmes planned to fully meet the principles of the DFE’s 16 to 19 expectations?
• Do teaching and assessment support and challenge learners?
• Do study programmes build on prior attainment to allow students to make progress?
• Do learners receive high-quality impartial careers guidance that prepares them for their chosen next steps?
• Are learners developing personal, social, employability and independent learning skills?
• What is the impact of non-qualification / enrichment activities?
• Are learners making progress from their different starting points?
• Are the 16 to 19 minimum standards met where applicable?
• Are the arrangements for safeguarding learners effective?

How can you be fully prepared for a Good/Outstanding OFSTED judgement?

Become Data Literate

Our training and consultancy sessions can be personalised to support the professional development needs of your school team and offer consultancy support to: Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Senior Leadership Teams, Subject Leaders, SENCO’s, Gifted and Talented Leaders, Class teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, English and Maths Leaders and Data Managers.

This training will support your school to investigate the following key areas that Ofsted will focus on:

• How the school’s progress figures compare with national figures
• What is the impact of the schools' actions to enable all pupils to reach their potential?
• What are the trends over time, and what are the reasons behind them?
• Does progress differ across different types of qualification - Academic / Applied General / Technical Certificates / Level 2?
• What are the progress figures and trends for subjects, including English and Mathematics re-sits?
• What are the trends in the progress of groups of pupils, particularly by gender, prior attainment at KS4 and disadvantaged?
•What is the impact of the schools actions to enable all pupils to reach their potential?What is at the root of trends over time?
• What are the patterns of performance for different types of pupils?

Course Fee at Training Locations

Consultancy & Training Per Delegate Fee Free Telephone
Consultancy Support
Half Day £199** / £249* 6 Months
Full Day £249** / £349* 12 Months

* When you book for one delegate.
All prices are excluded from VAT.

** When you book for two or more colleagues, price is reduced by £100 for a full day course for each delegate. Colleagues may be from other schools. The cost for a full day's training is £249 per delegate if you book two or more colleagues instead of £349 per delegate. The cost for a half day's training is £199 per delegate if you book two or more colleagues instead of £249 per delegate. All prices are excluding VAT.

Consultancy & Training Course Fee at Your School

For any in-house enquiries, please contact us on 0844 504 5812.

Cluster of Schools

Many schools request a whole day training at their school, this allows an indepth analysis of your school data with focus on their schools strengths and weaknesses.

It is an excellent opportunity to achieve support on how to support School Evaluation and Improvement and show to Ofsted, Governing Bodies and further stakeholders the schools current situation as well as pending action required.

For further information, including prices, or to start discussing your school needs for your very own personlised training course package please contact us today on 0844 504 5812.

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We specialise in School Data Training and Consultancy and for all schools and local authorities, analysing your school’s performance and progress data together with your staff since 2006.

Our mission is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education and training in Early Years settings, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Church Schools and Independent Schools.

Our training and consultancy sessions can be personalised to support the professional development needs of your school team and offer consultancy support to: Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Senior Management Teams, Heads of 6th Form / Post 16 leader, Subject Leaders, SENCO’s, Gifted and Talented Leaders, Class teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Governors.

You can select your audience – Training can be 1:1 for Head teachers and Deputies, for particular focus groups or whole staff teams.

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